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Root Affiliate Solutions can provide one-time affiliate program consulting services or full affiliate program management.  Whatever your affiliate program needs, we have the experience to grow and manage your affiliate program so you get the results you need.  Here are some of the program management services we provide.  Please contact us to learn how we can provide a custom affiliate program management solution for you.



  •  Strategic Program Management – Overall program management based on your specific program goals and objectives

  •  Program Audit – Understand your program, correct weaknesses, and build on your strengths

  •  Competitive Analysis – Know what your competitors are doing

  •  Top-Notch Affiliate Customer Services – Communicating with your top affiliates is critical for success

  •  Comprehensive Reporting – Program management based on data and KPI's

  •  Creative Management – Text and banner Links, landing page optimization, promotion specific consulting

  •  Affiliate Recruitment – Getting the right affiliates into your program means more sales

  •  Affiliate Optimization – Supporting the right affiliates to ensure high quality traffic and increased conversions

  •  Promotional Calendar Development – Planning and communicating promotions to affiliates

  •  Newsletter Creation and Distribution – Affiliates need to know what’s going on in your program and promote what's selling

  •  Program Compliance – Monitor affiliates and enforce all program terms and policies

  •  Datafeed Management – Ensure datafeeds are correct and properly uploaded on a regular basis

  •  Representation at Industry Events – Providing visibility for your program at affiliate conferences



Root Affiliate Solutions takes a hands-on approach to affiliate program management by building successful partnerships with affiliates based on open and continuing communication.  Although we live and work in the hyper-networked world of the 21st century, building lasting relationships is still the key to affiliate program success.


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